Southern California Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

SoCal may not experience a dramatic shift in temperature and climate from winter to spring, but the incentive to spruce and maintain a great property while preparing for summer festivities is always a great idea from March through May. Spring cleaning is important for your home's health, and a great way to mentally and physically reset for the year ahead. This is a process and there’s no need to do every task in one weekend—set up a calendar and add one or two items throughout the season.
We’ve set up this checklist to target certain areas that may need maintenance, and allow you to complete it quickly and efficiently so you can go out and play in the gorgeous California sunshine!

1. Declutter Your House & Garage

Having a fresh home by decluttering interior and exterior spaces will not only revitalize your environment, but it will also allow for better air circulation. Move furniture, rugs, or appliances that are blocking air vents. Take a couple of hours and assess everything being stored in closets or your garage. If there are any appliances, furniture, clothes or old home décor items you don’t need or have room for, now is the perfect time to let them go. It can be helpful to set up two bags: one for donations and one for trash/recycling.

2. Clean Windows & Screens

According to Feng Shui, the windows are the eyes of those living in the home. Clean windows represent seeing the world clearly, not to mention they allow the maximum amount of natural light to come in! Clean the tracts and seals with a vacuum attachment or a soft brush before you start washing the panes and/or screens. A spray bottle solution of blue Dawn and vinegar is a great all-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaner that works wonders on baseboards and blinds. Check the caulking and if it’s cracked, replace it with a fresh bead of caulking.

3. Give Your AC Unit Some Love

Before the super warm weather kicks in, it’s important to check filters for clogs and debris that can lower the air quality in your home. Thoroughly clean ducts and vents and replace filters so the air can easily pass through your unit and efficiently cool your home. Spring is a great marker for changing the interior filters and also having a qualified contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system. Clean coils and clear filters may allow you to lower your energy consumption by up to 15% and keep the system working at peak performance levels.

4. Consider Upgrades

As part of your interior spring cleaning, this might be the time to consider leveling up to more energy-efficient options throughout your home. Heating and cooling systems are huge energy consumers, along with appliances like refrigerators and clothes dryers that use a lot of power.

Installing a programmable thermostat and sensors can allow you to adjust your settings based on if you are home or away, which could potentially help you save up to 10% a year on energy costs. Swapping certain appliances out for ones with energy-saving settings or the ENERGY STAR stamp of approval.

5. Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

The first place to start when you’re outdoor spring cleaning is with the basics: washing, wiping, and sweeping. Wash the front door and trims of any dust and grime, clean off outdoor light fixtures and replace light bulbs. Check the gutters and remove any leaves and debris. Sweep and power wash patios, decks, balconies, and outdoor furniture to prep for that quintessential California outdoor dining and entertaining. As we mentioned in our blog post about sought-after home features, outdoor areas are one of the most coveted so it’s worth all the extra effort to keep it tip top.

6. Reseal & Repair Exterior Woodwork

Now is also the time to see if any of the woodwork in your home needs repairs. Wood decks, fences, railings, walkways, and other structures will last longer and stay in better condition if they’re stained or resealed every year or two. Before resealing, give your deck a good power wash if it’s pressure-treated wood or a quick scrub and rinse for composite boards. If you need some extra assistance, local woodworkers like The Wood Doctors can do small touch ups to big repairs!

7. Trim, Tweak & Sow Plants

Spring lawn maintenance is a perfect time to review and revamp your current outdoor situation. Fix loose stonework along walkways and beds, and consider aerating and fertilizing your lawn. Trim back any shrubs or trees so they can have a fresh start while planning and preparing any new garden beds or planters. By April, the soil temperature is ideal for germinating all kinds of seeds and getting transplants growing well so use March as a well worth preparation phase.

Spring cleaning your home thoroughly may never become effortless, but you can make this annual rite of passage satisfying by knowing the pleasure that comes after the work is done. One day or weekend typically doesn’t do the trick, so create a realistic schedule and focus on one task at a time. Enlist the help of others! Print out Martha Stewart’s interior checklist and assign each task to a different friend or family member. The extra love and attention you put into your home will come back tenfold!

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